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Crowdfunding Project

Erin and Meredith are in the process of making an Indiegogo Crowdfunding project to finish the hiring board component of this site.

BCPAX started out as a small group of Production Assistants looking to connect and help each other find work.  It was made by Production Assistants for Production Assistants and has since expanded in popularity to all departments.   We wanted to connect production assistants to jobs in a new and exciting way.  The Facebook group has become a highly successful tool for connecting the local film Community. 

Film Making is a unique business and we want to help those entering into this business feel welcome and be able to find and maintain employment.  We also understand that no one enters this business with the dream of being a Production Assistant.  We want to help our film making community by creating resources that help with your independent film making. 

In the meantime, you can send a donation here, and we'll add it to the crowdfunding project goal of $10,000